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Kyosho FO-XX VE 1:8 4WD Readyset EP (KT231P-Torx8-Brainz8 ESC) --Sparset2 Sparset2 mit Ladegerät und Akkus--

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Kyosho FO-XX VE 1:8 4WD Readyset EP (KT231P-Torx8-Brainz8 ESC) --Sparset2 mit Ladegerät und Akkus--

Kyosho FO-XX VE 1:8 4WD Readyset EP (KT231P-Torx8-Brainz8 ESC) --Sparset2 mit Ladegerät und Akkus--

Monster truck power upgraded from awesome to epic!

5-link suspension is a match for any terrain

Robust body incorporating a hybrid monocoque and pipe frame structure with brushless power system makes the 1/8 scale FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck one tough mudder. This upgraded model earns the ‘2.0’ in its name with a new 5-link suspension system. Upper and lower link ball joints and lateral rod to regulate lateral movement combine to produce deeper and more flexible suspension stroke for superior rock crawler feedback. The dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 makes full use of the 2000KV KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX 8 brushless motor on any surface, from rough roads to tarmac. In addition to the brushless motor, the speed controller, transmitter, receiver, wheels and tires have all been redesigned to improve on previous models to deliver superior control and handling. Open the throttle in open space and let the FO-XX VE 2.0 show you what power and performance this true R/C machine is capable of. Simply purchase batteries for the transmitter transmitter/receiver and battery for the motor with a charger and this factory-assembled Readyset makes the dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 easy for anyone to enjoy.

  • Factory assembled Readyset only requires battery for transmitter and chassis plus a battery charger to run.
  • KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE brushless system delivers breathtaking power and performance.
  • Independent left-right battery boxes suit various size batteries. Suitable for twin packs of 7.2V Ni-MH to 7.4V Li-Po batteries.
  • Features same 17mm wheel hubs and nuts as the Inferno series.
  • Radio box protects receiver and battery from shocks and dirt.
  • Rigid axle on front and rear with robust casing realizes efficient traction transfer.
  • Front and rear differentials incorporate steel spiral gears to meet the demands of this high power machine.
  • Pre-painted body complete with decals applied combines with resin pipe frame and roof to recreate a realistic form.
  • Equipped Syncro KR-331 receiver features failsafe function that stops the machine in the event of radio signal interruption.
  • Suspension system based on the previous version has been revised to deliver significantly improved performance. Including a pre-painted body and applied decals designed in the off-road formula style, a unique hinged front opening allows easy access for maintenance.
  • Weighing a hefty 4,650g, this heavy-duty machine is supported by the deep stroke of a 5-link suspension system. Large capacity resin big bore shocks deliver outstanding running performance.
  • Front and rear lateral rods maintain rigidity and regulate lateral movement of the suspension to ensure stability and precise surface tracing.
  • 2000KV KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE · TORX 8 (waterproof specification) motor produces intense acceleration and makes the heavyweight FO-XX VE 2.0 chassis feel light and nimble.
  • Equipped with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE BRAINZ 8 waterproof speed controller with cooling fan. Brake, forward, auto-cut voltage, heat protection can be set individually.
  • Large f155mm×70.5mm tires with block pattern excel on any surface or situation. Black wheels add a sense of scale and style.
  • Waterproof KS5031-09MW servo is equipped with metal gears to deliver precise control of this big machine.
  • Included Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter allows dial adjustment of throttle trim, steering trim, and throttle EPA, steering dual rate.

Technische Daten: RC-Car

  • Length 545mm
  • Width 383mm
  • Height 248mm
  • Wheelbase 360mm
  • Tread 312mm
  • Tires(F & R) f155 x 70.5mm
  • Gear Ratio 8.68:1
  • Weight 4,650g (approx.)
  • Motor KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE·TORX 8 Brushless Motor

RC Plus RC-CHA-212 Plus Power 80 AC/DC Lader 7A 80W

  • Eingangsspannung AC: AC 100 - 240V
  • Eingangsspannung DC: DC 11,0 - 18,0V
  • Ladeleistung: 80 Watt
  • Entladeleistung: 5 Watt
  • Akku-Typen: NiCd / NiMH / LiIon / LiFe / LiPo / LiPo HV / PB
  • Ladestrom: 0,1A - 7,0A
  • Entladestrom: 0,1A - 7,0A
  • Strom Lixx Balancer: 300mA / Zelle
  • Anzahl LiIon / LiPo / LiFe Zellen: 1-6 Zellen
  • Anzahl NiCd / NiMH Zellen: 1-15 Zellen
  • Anzahl von PB Zellen: 1-10 Zellen
  • Gewicht: 400g
  • Abmessungen: 136x127x56mm

MLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 2S 7.4V

  • Markenname: MLine
  • Typ: Stick Hardcase
  • Art: LiPo
  • Nennspannung: 7.4V /2S
  • Kapazität: 5400mAh
  • Entladerate dauerhaft: 50C
  • Entladerate Kurzzeit: 100C
  • Max. Laderate: 2C
  • Länge: 138mm
  • Breite: 47mm
  • Höhe: 25mm
  • Gewicht: ca. 275g
  • Steckverbinder: T-Plug
  • Kabel: 12AWG x 95mm
  • Balancer Verbinder: XH-2S / 22 AWG x 45mm

In diesem Sparset zusätzlich enthalten: RC Plus RC-CHA-212 Plus Power 80 AC/DC Lader 7A 80W 2xMLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 2S 7.4V

[Leider liegt uns für dieses Produkt nur eine englische Beschreibung vor.]

Bauart Elektro
Fertigung RTR
Hersteller Kyosho
Klasse Monster-Truck
Maßstab 1:8
Warnhinweise ab 14 Jahre

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Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren.

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