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NEU Team Corally - SHOGUN XP 6S - Model 2021 - 1/8 Truggy LWB - RTR - BL Power 6S --SPARSET--incl.2xLiPo,2xLadekabel+Lader

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Team Corally - SHOGUN XP 6S - Model 2021 - 1/8 Truggy LWB - RTR - Brushless Power 6S --SPARSET-- incl. 2x MLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 3S 11.1V 6000mAh XT90 + 2x MLine Ladekabel XT60 Buchse / XT90 + RC Plus - Power Duo 100 Charger - AC 100W - DC 2X 100W - 2x 4S Lixx - 8 Nixx - 16V PB

Team Corally - SHOGUN XP 6S - Model 2021 - 1/8 Truggy LWB - RTR - Brushless Power 6S --SPARSET-- incl. 2x MLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 3S 11.1V 6000mAh XT90 + 2x MLine Ladekabel XT60 Buchse / XT90 + RC Plus - Power Duo 100 Charger - AC 100W - DC 2X 100W - 2x 4S Lixx - 8 Nixx - 16V PB

Shogun XP 6S Monster Truggy

Compete on Track or Terrain with Team Corally's Shogun XP Monster Truggy!

Few driving experiences can surpass a well-tuned 1/8 scale Monster Truggy for incredible top speeds and the ability to handle virtually any type of track, surface, or terrain like Team Corally's 2021 Shogun XP 4WD 1/8 Scale Brushless Monster Truggy RTR. Able to handle massive 6S LiPo power and including a 2050KV brushless motor, you can utterly dominate lesser models at your local track, skate park or bash spot. With its aggressive appearance, race-inspired design, high-traction tires, and plush suspension the Shogun XP can tackle to the most challenging terrain or conditions while asking for more.

The durable, all-metal four-wheel drivetrain, fully independent suspension, racing chassis, stump-pulling power, and aerodynamic racing bodyshell design, the Shogun XP may be the ultimate electric 1/8 scale monster truggy for drivers looking for an unmatched driving experience.

All-Season Driving, Anytime and Anywhere The Team Corally Shogun XP Monster Truggy features a full suite of water-resistant electronics, so it's ready for driving in most any conditions. Not only is the ESC resistant to splashes of water and mud, but the steering servo and receiver are also protected from the elements by special water-resistant PCB coatings. The receiver is further protected by a sealed enclosure to protect against dust, mud, and moisture. Of course, aerospace-quality rubber sealed ball bearings are standard on the Shogun XP, meaning you can drive virtually anywhere and in most any conditions (Please note: no RC vehicle should be driven or submerged in water or mud. Take care when driving in extreme conditions, and proper maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating should take place after driving in mud, water or near salt water.)

Racing Style Chassis for Extreme Performance Inspired by top-tier professional racing machines in the RC industry, the Shogun XP utilizes an aluminium pan-style chassis for the most efficient and durable chassis layout. With an optimized forward weight bias, the heaviest drivetrain components and other systems are kept as close to the front as possible. Robust, triangulated front and rear chassis braces provide additional rigidity that allows the aluminium big bore shocks and HiCC8 composite suspension parts to perform without the negative effects of chassis plate flex. The reinforced composite chassis side guards have integrated front brackets to provide additional protection for the polycarbonate body and electronics. The exclusive Team Corally's exclusive SPL system secures shock spring perches and prevents spring misalignment during extreme compression/rebound while the innovative RSP Sway Bar system keeps the Shogun planted in corners and ensures consistent handling on all surfaces.

Massive 2050KV Brushless Power With a Team Corally Kuron 2050KV 4-pole motor mounted on a torsion-resistant aluminium 2-piece sliding mount, you can be confident of attaining maximum speeds for big-air stunts! The motor is fitted with a hardened steel pinion gear, which mates to a hardened steel spur gear on the center differential. Looking to achieve remarkable top speeds with a pull of the trigger? Speeds of over 110 km/h (70+ mph) are easy - just fit the appropriate battery!

LiPo Power Ready The battery holder of the Shogun can fit batteries packs in all the popular sizes and is adjustable for maximum versatility. The versatile Team Corally Kuron 2050KV motor can utilize 4S-6S LiPo batteries to optimize performance on any surface or in any conditions!

Durable Steel Drive System with Three Fluid-Filled Differentials As usually seen only on premium competition-level RC vehicles, the Shogun is fitted with front, center, and rear silicone fluid-filled and sealed limited-slip differentials that ensure the full amount of power from the 2050KV Kuron motor gets to the ground. With easy removal and maintenance, you can even alter each differential individually to fine-tune the amount of traction at either end of the truggy! Inside, you'll find a complete set of metal gears and outdrive cups that connect to steel central driveshafts. The front end is driven by CVD driveshafts, while the rear is driven by robust metal dogbones, with the entire drivetrain supported by aerospace-quality 8x16x5mm rubber sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency and durability.

Premium Alloy/Steel Center Differential Assembly The critical center diff used on the Shogun XP features an aluminium alloy case and durable, steel spur gear for unsurpassed performance and reliability. The metal case allows optimal alignment of the internal gear assembly through improved heat dissipation and reducing fluid loss, while the steel spur gear ensures maximum power delivery and resistance to damage from dirt or debris.

Adjustable Battery Mount The innovative battery mount allows the Shogun XP to conveniently secure most any 4S-6S LiPo made for surface vehicles, protecting your battery investment, while providing optimum weight distribution.

Optimized Racing Suspension The Shogun XP features a robust pivot ball-style front suspension utilizing steel pivots and steering turnbuckles in addition to durable composite suspension arms. The rear suspension features composite outboard hubs and one-piece composite upper suspension links. At each corner, durable HiCC8 composite suspension arms and threaded, adjustable 16mm big bore oil-filled shock absorbers produce plush, compliant handling.

Innovative All-Terrain Tyres Low-profile, high-grip rubber tyres feature inner foam liners and adhered to turbine-blade wheels on 17mm hex drive hubs. The optimized multi-surface tread pattern with exceptionally strong sidewalls minimize ballooning and offers maximum control at any speed on any surface.

Varioprop S2R Steering Wheel Controller The Shogun is fully controlled by the ergonomically designed pistol-grip style radio transmitter, which features the latest 2.4GHz technology for interference-free control at a distance of 300m. The realistic steering wheel design makes driving intuitive and comfortable. The pistol grip trigger provides perfect control of the throttle, with forward and reverse controls combined in a single control. Learning how to control the Shogun is quick and easy with the S2R controller!

The Shogun XP RTR is an exciting, impressive all-terrain machine! If you're looking to make an all-out assault on lesser cars with speed and jumping capability that other cars simply cannot duplicate, then look no further than the Shogun XP RTR from Team Corally.


  • 100+ km/h (60+ mph) possible
  • Factory-built 1/8 scale competition-capable truggy with electronics, bodyshell and tyres installed
  • Team Corally TOROX 185 ESC 4-6S with LiPo low-voltage protection (programmable)
  • Team Corally Kuron 2050kV 4-pole brushless motor (4-6S operation)
  • Varioprop CRHV-7225 High Torque, High Voltage Digital Servo with Metal Gears and 25Kg Torque
  • Ergonomic Varioprop S2R transmitter, with interference-free 2.4GHz technology
  • Aluminium servo arm for precision and strength
  • 3mm 7075 Aluminum Steering Ackermann Plate
  • Separate splash-proof and dust proof electronic box with transponder mount
  • Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
  • Full set of aerospace-quality, rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Oversized 8 x 16 x 5mm transmission ball bearings
  • Hardened steel spur gear and motor pinion
  • Three sealed metal differentials individually filled with silicone fluid
  • Aluminum/Steel center differential
  • Quick and convenient diff access
  • 2-piece aluminium motor mount with composite gear cover
  • 52T Steel Spur Gear
  • Completely Hard-coated metal drive train
  • Extra Surface-Hardened Steel Front CVD Joints
  • Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
  • Oil-filled threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
  • Exclusive shock spring perch locking system
  • CNC aluminium shock towers, 5mm rear / 4mm front
  • Alloy Front Upper Arm Stiffener Plate
  • Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
  • Independent double wishbone rear suspension
  • Optimized, custom engineered composite parts
  • Heavy-Duty one-piece composite suspension links and tie rods
  • Aluminium suspension mounts with composite cover
  • Team Corally RSP front and rear anti-roll bar system
  • Aluminium chassis plate
  • Heavy Duty front and rear chassis braces
  • Reinforced chassis side guards with integrated body protection
  • Front bumper with additional impact-absorbing chassis protection
  • Reinforced High Downforce Wing and Wing Mount
  • Factory-glued high-speed, low-profile tyres on black turbine-blade composite wheels
  • Durable, aero-inspired printed polycarbonate truggy body
  • Many optional tuning parts available for individual customization


  • RTR-Modell Team Corally - SHOGUN XP 6S - Model 2021 - 1/8 Truggy LWB - RTR - Brushless Power 6S

In diesem --SPARSET-- zusätzlich enthalten: 2x MLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 3S 11.1V 6000mAh XT90+ 2x MLine Ladekabel XT60 Buchse / XT90 + RC Plus - Power Duo 100 Charger - AC 100W - DC 2X 100W - 2x 4S Lixx - 8 Nixx - 16V PB

Benötigtes Zubehör:

  • 4 Batterien Typ AA für den Sender

Technische Daten:

  • Brandname: Team Corally
  • Scale: 1/8 Scale
  • Motor Type: 2050kV 2-6S 4-pole brushless motor
  • Car Model Type: Electric Powered 4WD Truggy RTR - 6S Brushless Power
  • Weight (g): 4350 g
  • Wheel base (mm): 384 mm
  • Length (mm): 584 mm
  • Width (mm): 443 mm
  • Transmission: 4WD Shaft Driven
  • Ball Beared: Full set of ball bearing
  • Height (mm): 190 mm
  • ESC Type: Waterproof 7.2 - 22.2 V brushless - programmable with LiPo cut off
  • Servo Type: Digital - High Voltage - Metal Gear - 25 Kg Torque
  • Battery Type: Li-Po 4S 5400mAh XT-90 connector
  • Battery tray dimensions: (LxWxH): 143x50.5x50 mm
  • RC functions: Right/left/forward/brake/reverse
  • Charger: Included
  • Required items: Four (type AA) batteries

MLine High Power LiPo Akku 50C 3S 11.1V 6000mAh XT90:

  • Markenname: MLine
  • Typ: Semi-Soft Case
  • Art: LiPo
  • Nennspannung: 11.1 /3S
  • Kapazität: 6000mAh
  • Entladerate dauerhaft: 50C
  • Dauerstrom: 300mAh
  • Max. Laderate: 3C
  • Max. Ladestrom: 18A
  • Steckverbinder: XT90
  • Balancer Verbinder: XH-3S / 22 AWG x 45mm
  • Maße in mm(LxBxH): 150x42x25

RC Plus - Power Duo 100 Charger - AC 100W - DC 2X 100W - 2x 4S Lixx - 8 Nixx - 16V PB:

  • Brandname: RC Plus
  • Input voltage (AC/DC): 19 - 26V DC, 100 - 240V AC
  • Battery Type: LiPo/LiIo/LiFe/LiHV/NiCd/NiMH/Pb

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Bauart Elektro
Eigenschaften Allradantrieb
Fertigung RTR
Hersteller Team Corally
Klasse Truggy
Maßstab 1:8
Warnhinweise ab 14 Jahre

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